Stop by for PIE!

7943 Santa Fe

Overland Park, KS


Wednesday through Friday
10am to 5:30pm
Saturday: 10am to 4pm


From the Baker…

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We are a small neighborhood bakery made up of people who love PIE and love to bake!

Growing up as sisters in the midwest (small town, USA), we were privileged to know what real pie looks and tastes like. Pies were always a part of our family gatherings. To keep the tradition alive we felt compelled to share it with others. We opened our pie bakery in 2005 with the help of a pie master, our mom. ❤

We bake all of our items from scratch and try to approach each workday with joy and a thankful heart.  

It really is as good as grandma’s…maybe even better!

We invite you to stop by for pie.

Elaine & Jan

Charitable Giving:  We believe that community is important. Each month, we support the local community by donating pies and cookies to different charitable organizations. Whether it is donating all our tips for the month, or helping to raise money through an auction, we believe in the power of giving and pie!

If you would like to make a donation request, please submit your letter of request along with our procurement form no less than 4 weeks prior of the month of the event. Our procurement letter can be found through the link below, and our donation coordinator can be reached in person or through email at

Charitable Giving Procurement Form


Made from our own family recipes, you’ll find deep satisfaction for body and soul.






We specialize in creating scrumptious hand-held masterpieces.



Why have cake at your wedding or corporate event when you can have PIE?