PiE fLiGhTs

local life:  3rd friday, downtown overland park

there is definitely a movement (finally) in the city to support local businesses, farmers, artist,etc.
a sense of pride in our city, a connection with our neighbors and neighborhoods.

pie flights…we couldn’t think of anything else to represent serving 3 slightly smaller size pies. i love to try and test flights of wine, so why not try and test different slices of pie!
since the 13th century,”flight” used to mean “a group of things or beings flying through the air together,” whether birds, airplanes or angels (“Good-night, sweet prince; And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest..,” Shakespeare, 1602).
pie is a slice of heaven, so why not put some wings on it and group them together.
you can try a flight of PIE every 3rd friday, 5-8:30pm in downtown overland park “local life…keeping it local”!

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