it’s all in the details…does anyone really notice?

it's all in the details...does anyone really notice?
presentation  IS  everything. my mom get’s it, my sister get’s it, my husband doesn’t, and thank you for those of you that stopped me to tell me “thank you for doing this”!
i love the art of placement, how adding a little unexpected something changes the mood of a table setting or dessert table.
i got to express my craving to decorate recently at a vintage-local wedding fair. it was a perfect setting to showcase wedding pie! weddings are about love, and 2 people sharing their joy with loved ones…isn’t that what pie is all about?
serving pie at a wedding has become quite popular – especially if you really don’t enjoy team cake. it is difficult decision because traditionally, girls dream of their wedding day. dream about the dress and how the wedding cake would look. so to change that traditional image and go with a dessert that you really love…like pie is a big step for many.
(sometimes it’s the mother of the bride that is having the issue)…but regardless it is a beautiful way to share the love on a special day.
so the next question is, how to set up the pie buffet? for me, this is where the fun begins…there are so many ways to achieve a memorable presentation.
start with a theme. it could be a color, the environment you are hosting your party in, or something that represents the event.
for the vintage wedding fair i started with the space we had to present our lovely baked goods. i didn’t have alot of space to work with so i used a table stacked on top of another table to give it height since i didn’t have much vertical space to deal with. the smaller table on top made for a great platform to display the pies and assortment of pastry pedestals. you could also use a stack of old books. mix it up, give the pies different heights to rest on. add some flowers and a few candles and your guests will be ready to grab a fork.
oh and…add a little unexpected, and see if anyone notices.
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