funeral pie

funeral pie
when we were working on our menu, i wanted to add a few categories:  funeral pie and old men’s pie.
i decided it wasn’t a good idea because i’m not sure that folks would know what that meant…so i will share here.
funeral pie – raisin pies used to be called funeral pie. an aunt told me there is likely a few reasons for that. you often needed to prepare a food item to take with you in a hurry and raisin pies were made with ingredients that are readily available. (really? make a pie in a hurry? not these days, who throws a pie together in a hurry these days…except my mother!)
they also needed to take food that kept well without refrigeration.
old men’s pie: really, any old fashioned recipe should live in this category, but a few pies that most young bucks would not know about and might be hesitant to order would again include anything with raisins…(wink,wink – i won’t go into details as to why i think that is humorous) but- i would include sour cream raisin pie and a few other old-fashioned recipes such as buttermilk pie and custard. these are recipes that have my “triple-s stamp of approval”: simple, soft and sweet.
if you can through a pie crust together quickly, here is a recipe for an old man’s pie also known as a poor mans pie. no wonder they say “easy as pie”… let me know if you like it.
1/4 cup all purpose flour
2 cups milk
1 cup sugar
1 tsp. vanilla extract
dash salt
1. have a pie crust prepared.
2. cook over heat all the above ingredients except the vanilla. when the mixture thickens, add vanilla and pour into pie crust.
3. let cool and serve
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  1. Kate McDermott July 19, 2013 at 1:02 am

    Elaine & Jan- I just read your blog entry about Funeral Pie when it was brought to my attention by a pie sister who lives close to you. In fact, I visited your bakery when I was in KC in 2010. Funeral Pie or Raisin Pie is an extremely sweet (almost cloyingly so) pie. It is brought to funerals to remind one that in the midst of life’s sorrow there is still sweetness. Hope to meet you all in person some day.
    All my berry best,
    Kate McDermott

  2. Mike November 28, 2013 at 1:42 pm

    The recipe you posted for the “easy as pie” old man’s pie is the exact recipe I learned as “kid pie” as it would be the way the pie maker would utilize any excess dough and placate the kids who were all impatiently waiting for the main pie to debut after dinner… I learned its name and function from my former wife who was an excellent and knowledgeable cook from the first day I met her.

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