From the Cookie Jar…

a good cookie makes me happy!

i do love the pie…but a good cookie makes me really happy!i have spent many rainy and especially snowy days (my all time favorite) in the kitchen mixing up a batch of cookies. clearly it is the love of cookie dough that keeps me in the kitchen. since my kids were old enough to sit on the counter, they were with me licking the batter right off the beater from the mixer.

so, where did we get our ridiculously de-lish frosted banana cookie recipe you ask?

well, back in the day great recipes were passed around from family members, neighbors, or church ladies.  no internet back then, my friends.this recipe was just in mom’s recipe box, so I recently found out from mother that it came from dr. weber’s wife. not sure what her name is, mom just called her dr. webers wife.

your aunt, or grandmother probably made a spice cake with this frosting. (she had to so you would eat “cake”…no one puts frosting on pie – no need to!)

gone are the days of keeping a full cookie jar on the counter. maybe because I ate all of them and decided it wasn’t in my best interested to keep it out in eyes view.

but, if i could only have 1 cookie to eat for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner…let me have the burnt-sugar frosted banana cookies pa-leesze!

ps.  it really is a delicious breakfast with a cup of joe in the morning!

tip: warm it up slightly, before the frosting runs off.

go ahead and try it, i know you will like it.

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